Artist Biography


Daniel F. Manchego-Badiola

is an emerging artist based out of the Niagara Region who tends to focus on the nebulous relationship between man and nature, and challenges in a reflective manner this relationships existence. With a childlike fascination he engages our world, the thought of time, and the existence of life, attempting to explore the mysteries of creation and the wonders of destruction. Daniel derives his influences from childhood, the natural world, and his calling to create, thus enabling him to develop works that satisfy his urge of adventure, investigation and discovery.

Daniel has graduated from the Honours Visual Arts Program at Brock University, receiving a minor in Arts and Culture. His work has been exhibited at venues such as the Rodman Hall Art Centre, Niagara Falls Art Gallery, Niagara Artists Centre, Gallery 1313, Idea/Exchange Art+Design Galleries, and the Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre.