• Treasure Maps of the North

         As a young man in this modern age I seek adventure, yearn for discovery and ache 
    for mans lost connection with nature. As such, I attempt in this series to not simply 
    portray treasure maps seeking riches, but rather a self reflective epitome for the 
    relationship we now have with nature. The work attempts to day dream the viewer into a 
    lost time with the beasts, the landscape and mysteries of the world, while reminiscing 
    something intrinsically precious in which we yearn to search for, that can only be 
    found in the wild.
    Ink, unknown paper
    21” x 31”
  • Perched

         A playful series where the fictitious birds interact with one another in space,
    regardless of being separated by it. It alludes to this separation that we find 
    ourselves in relation to the natural world no matter how hard we attempt to interact 
    or revive that lost connection.
    Ink, handmade feather paper, chipboard
    8” x 10”