• Sci-Fi Drive-By

    linoleum print, ink
    6" X 6"
  • Companion

    watercolour, ink
    5" X 5"
  • Weary Wanderers

         There is something to be said about the vast array of inscrutable layers life 
    has to offer. We all wonder and wander at times in hopes that we can shed the burden
    of its mysteries. I, for one, have been in a pensive state as of late, and can’t help 
    but feel a disconnect from this weighted reality. Like the spectral wanderers, I too 
    contemplate the need for a purpose and to divest oneself of the binds of memory; 
    stuck in a limbo of transcendence. Through my travels and experiences I continue 
    to seek a sort of clairvoyance, and although it’s a difficult state to climb to,
    the realization of these weary wanderers was another step in my ascension.
    silver gelatin print
    9" X 12.5" each